by Sarah Glass, a member of the SkillCorps Dominican Republic February team

I woke up to the sound of rain this morning in the Dominican Republic. The rain can affect a lot of different things here. Rain can mean that there is no water at all or limited hot water in the shower. Rain can mean that our driver doesn’t show up due to increased traffic. But this morning, rain meant renewal. Today, I felt a renewed appreciation for the compassion and strength of those in my field and a stronger conviction in the principals of applied behavior analysis.

I cannot adequately express the awe and wonder I felt watching the highly talented individuals working at the Aprendo Center. Yesterday, I observed a student successfully navigate a community outing with his therapist and visual schedule in hand. I am happy to say that the outing was a success and the student shared his purchases when we returned back to the center. Watching the principals of ABA so beautifully practiced in another language and cultural context has confirmed my conviction in the effectiveness of this practice.

Another great experience I have gained is the knowledge from my teammates. We have all traveled from different parts of the country and all have different areas of expertise. Our different backgrounds make conversations interesting and very lively. But I already feel like I have learned so much from these ladies.


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