By Tiffanie Legg, a member of the SkillCorps Czech Republic October 2017 team

As I️ sit here writing this, I️ am lost in thought. Pondering tomorrowTomorrow I️ will say goodbye to the amazing individuals that have been working diligently to apply the feedback that we have provided, intent on being the best BTs for the kiddos they work with, to the cute kiddos that I️ have had the opportunity to observe over the past two weeks, and to amazing team members who have shared this journey.

There are experiences in life that have such a profound impact, that they mark a before and after, a reference point. This trip has been a transforming moment, changing me from the person I️ was two and a half weeks ago to the person that I️ am leaving as. When I️ first applied to SkillCorps I️ thought it would be an opportunity to take all the knowledge I️ have gleaned over the past few years and use it to help individuals where resources were not easily accessible. Even though I️ wasn’t entirely sure of the situation I️ was walking into, I️ was confident that I️ had the tools needed to help to the best of my abilities. What I️ wasn’t expecting was the depth of knowledge that I️ would be gaining. This opportunity has provided me an understanding of how sessions look in a clinical environment and that to me was invaluable. With the clock ticking away, I️ am coming to terms with the new reality that I️ am returning to. Professionally, this trip has taught me to get back to the basics when running a session, create procedural integrity measures when providing supervisions, how to effectively apply Socratic teaching to help a team come to the decision that is best for them, plus / deltas are an effective way to achieve goals, and finally to never lose sight of why we are all doing this, the kids. 

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