Brittney Paye is a member of the SkillCorps Dominican Republic trip currently in the field.

So I realized pretty quickly that I don’t want to leave this place. As the days have passed by I have been keeping a running tally of all the potential jobs I could have here if I just didn’t get on the plane this weekend. I’ve asked around about how to become a citizen and some general rules about the country.

I will do my best to recap all my potential job opportunities based on the adventures we have had on this trip:

First choice of course is Aprendo. I would submit my application to Aprendo and be ecstatic to be a permanent part of that team. The time spent with the staff, students, and at the center in general has been more fulfilling than I had imagined. The work ethic and love for the students is evident and to be a part of the progress of the center is enough to keep anyone there.


Second choice, waterfall tour guide for sure. We traveled to Puerto Plata on our weekend excursion and had the opportunity to jump and slide off of waterfalls. And for those of you that don’t know me personally, this was a significant comfort zone stretch for me. I always choose to climb back down anything that involves jumping off of something high. I don’t even like driving over hills fast in a car because of the stomach drop sensation! But, I did make the jump and enjoyed every minute of the tour, so much so that I think I could do it year round!


Third choice; establish a dog sanctuary. There are so many dogs in all the areas that we have visited that do not appear to have a home, however they also appear to be rather happy but a bit hungry. We saw this pup before we left for our ATV tour around the northern part of the country, which leads me to my 4th job opportunity…


4th choice: ATV mechanic, simply because mine broke down on our way to the beach! In addition to our waterfall tour, we were also fortunate enough to take a tour of the towns surrounding Puerto Plata on 4-wheelers. Obviously I was excited to drive the 4-wheeler and am very grateful that it was the dry season. We passed a number of towns; little kids ran along the side of our caravan racing us, and there were plenty of animals. I have never been so close to a bull in my life, let alone a bull that is not fenced in and has a lady friend by his side.


And finally, if it came down to it, I could always work at the resort. I would start by taking over the MC responsibilities and once I got the hang of it, would work my way into the role of professional dancer. Some of the team had the opportunity to give the dance floor a try with these talented dancers. They had moves for days!


The list of potential jobs has grown longer as our time here grows shorter and while I know I have to leave here on Saturday, I certainly have discovered two very important things: I want to come back to Aprendo and I want to travel with Skillcorps again, multiple times, to every sight, probably more than once!



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