Curious About SkillCorps?
Read through some of our Frequently Asked Questions below! And if you still don't find your answers, email us at!

Do I need to be a BCBA®, an SLP, or hold a specific certification to travel with SkillCorps?
You do not need to be a BCBA® or hold any specific certification, but you are required to have professional experience working with individuals with autism. Though we do have a BCBA® on every trip, it doesn’t have to be you! We intentionally recruit for professionally diverse teams to encourage collaboration and skill exchange!

 Should I bring some clothing or other materials to donate?
No, thank you. Really, no. Donating goods and materials to countries "in need" can in fact be incredibly damaging. In short – it undermines the local economy, is not sustainable, and instills a sense of need on the local people. We work with our partners on grant applications and train them in best practices for obtaining other funding to procure necessary materials on their own. You may feel as though you wish you had something to give, simply because you have so much to give back. But you’re giving your skills and your time – a priceless resource. If you’d like to see a short video that sums up why we don’t take materials to our partner sites, you can click here. We didn’t create this video, but have watched it many times over the years and encourage anyone interested in "giving back" to take a moment and consider sustainable giving.

 What vaccinations will I need?
The most updated information about necessary immunizations for your destination can be found at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website, or through your personal physician.

What safety precautions will be exercised during our stay?
Participants and Global Autism Project staff will always travel in groups of two or more. Caution is advised when carrying valuable items, and some may wish to carry a money belt. Safety and security is always a priority, and we take many steps to ensure safety. Our international partners help us choose drivers, hotels, neighborhoods to explore, and more. Our trips are led by skilled, trained leaders who are equipped to support you! 

What will a typical day look like?
A typical day on one of our international SkillCorps trips will be spent at one of our training sites (a local school or center), working with the local staff and clients. Mid-day and evening debrief meetings may be scheduled, and some evening may require creating presentations or planning workshops. Some days may include excursions to other locations in the area, for tourism or work-related purposes.

What manner of transportation will be provided in-country?
Most transportation will be provided by local services, such as car, bus, and metro services. Transportation to and from the airport in country will also be provided. Occasionally, transport is provided by our partner organization’s private vehicle.

Do I need any specific skills to travel abroad with the Global Autism Project?
Yes. Prospective SkillCorps applicants will undergo an application process which assesses their skill set and professional interests for compatibility with the objectives of the trip for which they are applying.

Do I need to speak another language to participate in a travel abroad program?
It depends on your site. Most of our partners and affiliates speak English or provide an interpreter - but if you speak other languages, please let us know! We always want to 

How far in advance do I need to apply?
Applications for each trip are due four months in advance of departure.

Can I travel as a group with friends, colleagues, or relatives?
The SkillCorps experience is designed to encourage collaboration in a new professional setting. While we love teams who already work well together, we also carefully select each member of a team as an individual. You're welcome to apply for the same trip - but it's very possible you'll be chosen for different teams and possibly different sites. 

Are there grants or scholarships available to help finance my travel abroad program?
The Global Autism Project provides consistent support and resources to those fundraising for their upcoming trip. While the Global Autism Project does not supply grants or financial support to participants, we do have an extensive library of resources, campaigns, images, and more for you to use! We also recommend that you check with your employer or university to see if any such funds are available.

How long has the Global Autism Project been traveling with volunteers and professionals abroad?
The Global Autism Project has been traveling abroad with volunteers and professionals for over 10 years!

Who will we be working with in the country to which we are traveling?
The Global Autism Project has partnerships with organizations in Dominican Republic, Kenya, India, Indonesia, Czech Republic, Nigeria, and China. We work with local leaders who are dedicated to advancing the field of autism education in their country. Please visit the individual country pages under “International Partnerships” to learn more about our partner organizations!

What will we be doing once we arrive?
Our role will be that of the consultant and the trainer, depending on your area of expertise. While on site, we will observe the operation of the organization and work to improve quality and sustainability of service by offering training workshops and clinical consultations to staff. We may also work directly with the children being serviced, in order to demonstrate certain therapy models to the staff and to gain a better understanding of the impact and efficacy of the services provided.

Where will we be staying?
The Global Autism Project generally utilizes local guesthouses and hotels for accommodation during our international trips. Safety and security is always a priority, and our residences are generally within walking or short driving distance from our training sites.

What if I raise more than the fundraising minimum?
Awesome! We’ll say "Thank you, you incredible world-changer, you!!" And we'll possibly have a special surprise gift for you! The fundraising minimum is just that - a minimum.

What if I can’t travel on the scheduled dates?
Currently, we are not able to offer travel opportunities to you outside of our scheduled dates, but keep watching our SkillCorps dates and hopefully something will align for you!

Can my entire company do one trip with you?
We firmly believe that part of the magic of SkillCorps is that you get to step outside of your comfort zone and work with and learn from people you’ve never met. Because of that , we prefer not to have entire companies travel with us. If you think your situation is unique, reach out and ask!

How does a two week trip make an impact?
The two-week trip only makes an impact because of the other 48 weeks of the year when we are in contact with our local leaders who are on the ground, running the school. When a SkillCorps team is not at their school training their staff, our remote clinical team is on Skype providing realtime feedback and support. Each training site receives at least three SkillCorps teams per year, plus one hour each week of distance clinical supervision, and bi-weekly administrative and outreach support!

How old do you have to be to travel with SkillCorps?
We require applicants be at least 21 years old at the time of travel. 

What should I pack / how will I know what to pack?
The Global Autism Project provides a packing list and even has a private Amazon store where you can purchase everything you need directly and in one place!

Can I do my dissertation/thesis/research study on SkillCorps?
Sure! Once you’re accepted, if you’re interested in something like this, we’ll put you in touch with our Clinical Team.

Can I give a presentation about SkillCorps?
Absolutely! In fact, we'd love to help you create it, and would be happy to join you if possible. Past SkillCorps members have even presented with other alum in their area.

Can my partner/ significant other accompany me on a trip?
Unfortunately, no. The SkillCorps experience is designed to encourage collaboration between you and other professionals, who you don't yet know! However, we encourage you to travel after your trip and invite your partner to join you then!

How can I be kept up to date about upcoming trips?
Great question. You can join our mailing list, or follow us on social media platforms!

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