Hello everybody!

Our trip has been amazing with each day revealing something exciting and new. Having the opportunity to explore a new country and work with an incredible school and staff has been indescribable.  I first signed up to travel with Skillcorps because I thought it would be exciting to share my knowledge to help the students and staff at Kaizora. Little did I know that I would be continually learning and growing each day on this exciting adventure.

I learned so much during one of our training activities on Natural Environment Teaching (NET). Making sure to motivate the staff too 🙂 we started one of our activities with a competition to contrive and capture the most learning opportunities with our students. Because the students were out on holiday for the day, school director, Pooja, and myself played the role of students on the competing teams.

10247408_681689188536968_389121815_nPlaying the role of a Kaizora student was very eye opening. As the staff interacted with me I was able to put myself in the student’s shoes. Sometimes I felt over-stimulated, sometimes I felt nervous, sometimes I felt excited when I didn’t know what the staff members would do to capture and contrive my motivation. Playing this role, allowed me to give feedback to the staff so they could shift their behaviors and skills to make the students feel that their learning environments were fun! After giving the staff feedback, it was absolutely amazing to come to school on Monday and see the staff implement
NET opportunities with their students. That activity and learning experience for myself has definitely been one of the highlights of my trip!1975220_681686118537275_1272985353_n

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