Where do You See Yourself?
Our SkillCorps team mindfully places each qualified applicant where they're needed most. But we'd love to know where you envision yourself! Learn a little bit more about our partner sites before you apply, and tell us which site inspires you most!
Kaizora Institute located in Nairobi, Kenya. Partners since 2010! Led by the first BCBA in East Africa, Kaizora Institute is a full day ABA focused school providing services for students in Early Intervention all the way to adolescents. Our training is currently focusing on transitioning students from school to adulthood; and expanding programs to include job training and independent living skills. 
ABA Centrum, located in Prague, Czech Republic. Partners since 2017! Serving 21 students in a one-to-one learning environment, the center is currently focusing on scaling staff training programs to answer their recent growth. Parent training and community workshops remain a priority as well -- and if you speak Czech or Russian, we'd love to hear rom you!
SOREM School located in Chandigargh, India. Partners since 2010! With over 130 students from ages 2 years to 36, SOREM is one of our biggest partner schools! With classroom set-up rather than one-to-one instruction, our current training is focused on creating individualized programs for students and maintaining accurate data collection to ensure students reach success!
Rumah Tiara located in Jakarta, Indonesia. Partners since 2015! This center serves 12 students with individual programs and one-to-one services. Teachers provide shadow support in mainstream schools in addition to afterschool services for their students. Training is very focused on developing a staff training model that is scalable.
Huicong located in Nanchang, China. Partners since 2017! Working with over 100 early learner students, our partners in Nanchang are focused on writing individualized programs based on the VB-MAPP assessment.

U+ Academy in Nanjing, China, partners since 2017! With a focus on dissemination of ABA in China, U+ Academy is currently working on developing online training initiatives for teachers!
Autism Care & Support Initiative located in Abuja, Nigeria. Partners since 2016! Students receiving services with ACSI gain individual programs in the center, as well as mainstream classroom support.  The center is currently working to build a full-day school program for students in Abuja!
Centro De Intervencion Edu Terapeutico (CIE) located in Managua and Esteli, Nicaragua. Partners since 2016! With two site locations and government support of ABA services, CIE is answering the need for services for all students in the country. Led by Nicaragua's only BCBA, training is focused on growing and scaling and replicating this model while remaining true to the mission and promise of quality, evidence based services. 
Parsimony located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Partners since 2018! As a new partnership is forming, we're expecting training to focus on staff training and foundational skills needed to launch this new center in Santo Domingo!
Namaee Center is located in Riyadh, which is the capital city of Saudi Arabia. Our partners there have a large space, with individual rooms and intimate learning spaces. They're currently working on individualized programs and 1:1 instruction. Our teams are also supporting them with Outreach and marketing so they can grow the center.
Located in Guayaquil, Ecuador, our partner site is one of the leading centers in the country! Centro Enigma is serving early learners with a focus on Early Intervention and 1:1 instruction. This is one of our newest partners, so we'll be working on long-term training objectives.
Our partners, Stichting REACH, are based in the Hague! The center is incredibly diverse, serving students from all over the world. As we know, there are incredibly limited services available around the world. So, many families move from their home countries to places like the US and parts of Europe seeking education for their kids. The Hague is a community full of these families! We're supporting them in how to scale while maintaining clinical integrity.