Our first day in Peru was a very touching experience for me. We attended a workshop held at the University of San Martin de Porras by Mapy Chavez where she presented to parents of children with autism. I was really shocked that these parents had amazing questions to Mapy. Like, “what does research say about gluten-free diets and autism” and “my child is being excessively negatively reinforced with food at school”. The fact that some of these parents are willing to try anything for their children shows how much love they have for them. I spoke to a mother who had traveled by bus to listen to Mapy’s presentation and it really moved me. Another heartfelt experience for me was when another mother came up to me and asked me about how she could get more information about being trained by me. Without knowing anything about my profession, this mother wanted me to help her child.



After our workshop we went to eat lunch at a very delicious “sanguchera” or sandwhich place. We also had dinner at Larcomar which is a popular shopping mall. On Sunday we had more team-bonding experiences at the historical center of Lima. I have been exposed to anticucho (cow heart),  papas a la huacaina, and salchipapas. Overall, I’ve had a great time so far in Peru and we have not yet even began with our training at Alcanzando.

– Alma

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