This morning finds our team preparing for our second week at Alcanzando.  It is an odd sensation to have only been here for a week but to feel so comfortable and at home with the staff, families, and children.  It is as though we’ve always been together, and in this short amount of time we have accomplished so much.


In particular, I am endlessly impressed by the dedication and passion that the instructors and supervisors bring to their work every day.  Applied Behavior Analysis, technically speaking, is applying the Principles of Behavior to change behaviors that are socially significant.  This is a heavy task for anyone to take on, and is easier said than done.  Instructors at Alcanzando are master multi-taskers.  They need to be fluent in the programs they run, prompting strategies they use, and data they collect.  They have to manage the ever-changing environment around them and the motivation of their students.  Supervisors are responsible for overseeing programming, answering questions, and providing support for the instructors and families with whom they work. They do all of this with patience and compassion and the results are astounding. What is being accomplished at Alcanzando is changing lives and having a huge impact on families in Peru.  It is such an honor to help support this organization.IMG_0408

One of the most amazing things about being a Behavior Analyst is getting to be a part of significant behavior change on a daily basis.  And while it is my goal and hope that my support has had a positive impact on the Alcanzando community, I can say without a doubt that this work has had an even larger impact on me.  Personally and professionally, I have grown on this trip.  I am learning about being a more culturally sensitive, and culturally humble Behavior Analyst.  As our world gets smaller, this is an invaluable trait; it is one that I hope to continue to cultivate throughout the remainder of this trip.  I am so grateful to both the Global Autism Project and the Alcanzando communities for the lessons I am learning.

Stephanie Keesey

SkillCorps Peru Team Member

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