By Amanda Wilkerson, a member of the SkillCorps India July 2017 team

Week one has come and gone in the blink of an eye.  We have observed classrooms, spoken and spent time with teachers, created goals and have begun implementing new systems at SOREM. Working with Sangeeta, vice principal, has been a wonderful experience. Her passion for autism awareness and acceptance is visible in all that she does. From working with the teachers and students at SOREM to working with her son at home, her positivity and ambitious nature shine through. She has truly been an inspiration to me and the members of my team. 

Speaking of my team, it has been amazing getting to know these beautiful humans and work side by side with them. Though we come from different backgrounds and walks of life we are all connected through this amazing cause and have become integral parts of each others lives. 
Our team worked with Sangeeta to create a community workshop about everyday behavioral strategies, developing balanced programs, and promoting independence. The workshop was held on Saturday morning and was attended by teachers, parents, and other professionals. This workshop was very successful due to the fact that it was able to be presented in both English and Hindi (thanks to our team member Pooja). 
I can’t wait for what our second week brings!

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