By: Kelly Slattery

When I first signed up for Skillcorps I knew the trip would be life changing.  I knew that I would learn a lot from my experience and was excited for the challenge.  What I didn’t know was, how much I would learn from the 8 strangers that were picked to travel with me.  

I joke when I talk to people that it kinda felt like we were on the Real World except we were nine strangers pick to travel the world to build sustainability and help those with autism rather than strangers picked to live in a house and fight.  It is pretty crazy when I think about the fact that we had never met, yet when we were working together it was like we had all known each other for a long time. I grew to appreciate the group work sessions and being able to bounce ideas off one another.  I grew to appreciate and be thankful for the fact that we all had different backgrounds and work experiences that we would bring to the table, but we would all come together to create amazing trainings. I even grew to appreciate “room roulette” so I could get to know my teammates on a more personal level. I found by the end of the trip, eight strangers had turned into eight new friends.