During my time at SOREM, I was able to work closely with the two wonderful early intervention teachers. I didn’t know much about the program before arrival because it is only a few months old. After sitting in a few sessions, it was clear that both teachers have developed a strong understanding of Applied Behavior Analysis and I was thrilled to see the teachers putting the principles of ABA to practice!

A primary focus of our trip was to provide additional training and support in assessment and graphing using the ABLLS. We met with both EI teachers to review data and choose one student to assess together. They were already familiar with the ABLLS process but were not yet experienced in graphing the results. We scheduled a Saturday workshop open to any teachers interested in learning to score and record ABLLS results. We ran a mock assessment and asked teachers to follow along in the ABLLS books and record the data on their own grids. After about six tries, one of the EI teachers asked if we could leave the workshop to graph her student’s data because she felt so comfortable with the process. Before the workshop was over she was finished graphing the data from a student’s first assessment, and before the week was over we completed and graphed his second assessment together! That week, both EI teachers completed the ABLLS grids for one student’s first and second assessments and felt confident administering and graphing the second assessment for their other students after we left.


SOREM is full of dedicated and talented teachers. It is so encouraging to know that two of those teachers have a thorough understanding of the ABLLS  and feel confident administering the assessment and explaining it to others. I’d say that definitely passes a fly away test!
After two weeks at SOREM, I feel like I was truly able to experience what makes The Global Autism Project and Skillcorps so unique. It’s not just a two week intensive training in ABA. It’s an ongoing collaboration of dedicated and passionate professionals around the world working to improve the lives of individuals with autism. What an exciting thing to be a part of!

Cailey Rodgers traveled with a Global Autism Project SkillCorps team to Chandigarh, India in July 2014.

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