by Aidan Dunn, SkillCorps Assistant at Global Autism Project

Hello readers!

Today, I’m here to talk to you about our new interns! The Global Autism Project is in a more or less perpetual cycle of hiring new interns for several month long periods. Some (like myself) wind up working part time at the GAP, but others are just here for a bit. This summer we have five new interns who will be helping us through the season. In this post, I’ll be talking a bit about these newcomers and what they’ll be bringing to the team!

First off, is Jennifer Costa Reilly- a recent graduate from James Madison University with a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management and Business Administration. Having learned about us from job postings at her school she has come to the Global Autism Project to improve her skill at event planning and learn more about the non-profit sector.

Next on our list is Hannah Ovington, a University of Arkansas alumna who learned of the Global Autism Project through she has come to the Global Autism Project to gain work experience and develop her talents. She likes to cook, read, and enjoys spending time outside.

Our third intern is Morgan Metsch, she is currently a senior at American University in Washington D.C. The Global Autism Project was recommended to her as an amazing place to work (thanks, we try). She is hoping to learn more about leadership, outreach, and how to work with international partners during her stay here at GAP.

The fourth member of our summer intern pack is Danielle Zhang, a student at George Mason University. She became interested in the Global Autism Project after watching our founder (Molly Ola Pinney)’s Ted Talk last year. She aims to learn more about the history of the Global Autism Project and Autism around the world during her stay here. Her hobbies include watching romcoms, hiking, and traveling.

Last but not least is, Nitasha Dickes. Hailing from the University of Nebraska Omaha, “Tasha” learned about the Global Autism Project from a colleague and applied in order to learn about the design of the GAP and its affiliated sites. Fashion and design are her hobbies and she has a personal styling certificate from the Fashion Institute which is apparently the name of an organization that actually exists.

That’s all for our fantastic new interns! (I feel like I wrote up their dating profiles…) They’ll be working here for the whole summer period!

Together, they’ll be helping us all around the office planning for the global summit (More on that later). Their assistance will be especially appreciated as we prepare to send out our July and October SkillCorps crew out around the globe. That’s all for this post! See you next time!