By Sneha Deshpande & Lauren Payer, members of the SkillCorps Nicaragua July 2017 team

Synchronicity is a concept first coined by Carl Jung which describes the phenomenon of seemingly related events with no causal relationship in which the subconscious meets the conscious in a meaningful coincidence. In laymen’s terms, it’s that moment when physical reality mirrors your thoughts simultaneously. For example, when you have a song stuck in your head and all of a sudden it starts playing on the radio, or when you dream of a certain symbol and it shows up on a postcard you receive the next day. These synchronistic events are considered to be winks from the universe, subtly guiding or letting you know that you are on the right path. When there is powerful synergy in the environment, you are more likely to see synchronicity occur. Synergy is considered to be the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects. For example, we have learned here at CIE in Managua that putting ham, mayonnaise, and bread together is infinitely more stimulating to the senses than consuming each item separately. Synergy is also seen in the merging of ideas through team work which creates something that is bigger or greater than the total power achieved by each individual working separately.

During our time at CIE, we have witnessed synchronicity occurring due to the enormous amount of synergy we have generated, positively reinforcing our collaboration with this amazing staff. In a session Meagan was observing, she saw an opportunity to contrive a mand, but before she could suggest it, the therapist, as if intuiting Meagan’s thoughts, proceeded to prompt the exact same mand Meagan was thinking of concurrently. In another event, Lauren was admiring the avocado trees and wishing one would ripen and drop as she had not noticed any that had. Within a few seconds, an avocado fell from the tree, and she gratefully picked it up. An additional occurrence of synchronicity was seen when Sneha was watching a small group session and the therapist prompted the teacher to provide an independent task to a kiddo in the same instant that Sneha had noticed that the child was unoccupied and needed something to do. Magical moments like these occurred throughout our two weeks here in Managua such as asking aloud for music and seconds later, it starts playing in the streets out of nowhere.  Synergistic synchronicity at CIE and in Managua feels like it was all destined to be, we were all called to be here, and it was for something greater than what any of us could have accomplished individually.




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