By: Kelsey Idyle

Where am I? The desert in Saudi Arabia. How did I get here? The easy answer is I saw an ad on Facebook for the Global Autism Project. The long answer includes an application and interview I did not think went well, then a fundraising frenzy followed by sitting in a couple airports and one long flight. Disbelief doesn’t begin to describe my feelings every waking moment. But every moment has been something I will never forget. From working with the dedicated behavior technicians at the Namaee center to exploring the Al qarah cave to having a barbecue in the middle of the desert with locals, it has been a one of a kind experience. 8 months ago when I applied for this trip I did not think I would have the skills necessary to travel with the Global Autism Project. Now here I am knowing what I have contributed and am so thankful that I just went for it and applied. I never would have imagined to be in Saudi Arabia, but here I am surrounded by some of the kindest, most welcoming people I have ever met, eating some of my favorite foods and experiencing things I never dreamed of. Travel is a way to open your heart and your mind and let everything in and know that I have, I will never turn back.