By: Lacey DeSalles


While in Nigeria I had the opportunity to observe ABA being implemented within a school setting. I was blown away by the enthusiasm towards outside providers coming into the school to support students as this is not something that happens often in the U.S. The difference didn’t stop there, as school staff and teachers not only welcomed these providers, but wanted to learn from them. 
In this instance, the information and ability to learn was brought to the school staff through observation and discussion. However, teachers have sought out more knowledge on their own time to support their students as well. The Zeebah Foundation held a training for parents and educators in which over 30 teachers, including several general education teachers, attended in order to learn about ABA and how to better support their students. In Nigeria the number of resources pertaining to ABA is small, yet they find a way. In the U.S. we have such opportunities all around us. Hopefully one day educators in the U.S. will be as eager to use and learn from those resources as well.