By Lisa DiPiro, a member of the SkillCorps® India July 2018 team

“I can’t believe I’m here” are the words that I continue to say to myself. Leading up to the trip I was filled with many emotions. Mostly excitement and eagerness, but nervousness was mixed into it as well due to the fear of the unknown (who are my teammates, where are we staying, what will we eat?). But after a week into it and reflecting, I can honestly say that the nervousness slipped away as soon as I met the team I am traveling with. The team is filled with amazing, kind, intelligent women that I am so lucky to be a part of. During training, they mentioned that you are with the team you are supposed to be with and I couldn’t agree more. It’s amazing to have individuals from all over the world come together for the same purpose. 

After a few days at SOREM, I’ve noticed the wonderful community that has developed. The students are happy and help each other out daily. I was so impressed with the thoughtful activities that the center provides their students. For example, I was able to observe the students prepare the masala spices, package them, and store them so that they could be purchased by the community. This not only teaches them functional skills, but also contributes to the center. 

Everyday has been amazing thus far. I can’t wait to continue to learn and grow and be surrounded by this amazing culture.