by Jeremy Meduri, a SkillCorps alum and member of the first SkillCorps trip to Nigeria

Tell am say Weh done sir! This phrase has become the theme of our first ever SkillCorps Nigeria trip, and it seems rather appropriate given the circumstances of this past week. From the extended, and jam-packed days, to the eagerness of this group of individuals to learn anything and everything, this experience has been nothing short of exceptional. Certain individuals might cringe at the thought of 10-hour days filled with dense learning materials, presentations, and technical writing, but certainly not the individuals from ACSI. It would require a novella to exemplify their keen ability to perceive behavior, their steep learning curves, and, most important, their level of dedication and passion in the work they do. Given these limitations in length, it is only natural to highlight one particular event that essentially exemplifies the exceptional ability of the individuals at ACSI. Members from both the SkillCorps team and the ACSI team collaborated on an hour long presentation designed to inform teachers and staff at a nearby school. The result: one of the best presentations for which I had the pleasure to be an audience member. Their natural ability to get on stage and present this dense material to an unfamiliar audience was no small feat, and they did it with ease. The stage presence of each member, such passion and exuberance, made those of us in the audience extremely proud, and left with only one phrase: tell am say wehdone sir. 

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