By Whitney Trapp, a member of the SkillCorps India December 2016 team

Sometimes we forget the beauty in being resourceful. Yes, having an iPad to run session with is amazing and when the wifi stops working it feels like the end of the world. Getting a grant is no easy feat and those things should be celebrated. We should absolutely utilize these gifts as best we can. BUT, there’s something kind of amazing about using what you have before going in search of more. Here in the Sorem Center I have seen tomatoes and onions used to teach matching 3D items, taped boxes and classroom items used to teach matching objects to pictures, and steel cups used to bang together as reinforcement. Water bottles are never thrown away because they can be reused as materials for the adults in the vocational classes to use as items to sell to raise money for the center. To be clear, this post is not about shaming those with access to more, it is simply a reminder or reflection on the simple joys and victories in life. Here at Sorem they really embrace this theme and it is awesome to watch!





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