On the last day the coordinators and the SkillCorps team came together to do a modification on plus/delta. Instead of saying a good thing that happened during the trip, and something they would like to change, we spoke about the good things and what they look forward to for the following trip. 
As we went around the room, a common theme was thank you. They were thanking us for teaching them and we were thanking them for being so quick and willing to learn. They were an amazing group of people – not just the coordinators, but all of the CIE staff. I guess I was so busy focusing on what needed to be done in the moment each day, that I never took time to appreciate all that was done in just 2 short weeks. 
We completed two full trainings with powerpoint slides and all, created treatment integrity sheets for in session observation and then were able to give feedback and direction in the moment. We went into depth with concepts such as motivation, reinforcement, and natural environment teaching and stressed the importance if each one. We met with the coordinators to decide the best method to teach their staff, and prioritized the what could be done with what wanted to be done. By the end, we were able to fade ourselves out so that continued the work with minimal assistance and input. I am so excited for the arrival of the next SkillCorps team as I know there will be a solid foundation on which to build on.

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