In our first week at YCHI, our hearts were captivated by young learners and a dynamic staff thirsty for effective behavioral intervention. The smiles and gratitude of the staff, children, and parents of YCHI have been more than motivating to make the quick walk to work each morning. We’ve been spending 8 hours a day at YCHI, the first three working with the children and therapists directly to trouble shoot programs and intervene on troubling behavior. In the afternoons, we’ve been able to train staff through the use of role-play, video modeling, and direct instruction. The topic of focus for our trip is the function of behavior and how to teach alternative behavior. The training has been effective, but as most connoisseurs of ABA are aware, four days of training is barely enough to scratch the surface on this complex and important topic. We are looking forward to continue training next week!
Another point that has been brought up during training though is how to create a program for a learner. What goals are important? What should the focus be? We quickly responded that it is important to consider the learner not just today or tomorrow, but meeting their full potential down the road. Where will the learner be in 10 years? What floored me about this staff and their parents is their ability to foresee a future where their children can meet their potential. When asked this important question about one child, a staff member replied that they would be in University. Another thought this student could hold gainful employment. Such a challenging concept across the world – it is clear that the staff at YCHI has made progress towards their biggest mission – instilling hope!

Our team is thrilled to regroup this weekend at Borobudor and Mt. Merapi. Be on the lookout for excursion pictures coming soon!

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