By Bethany Greene, a member of the SkillCorps® China-Nanchang October 2018 team 
The most reinforcing part of this journey so far is seeing the teachers. They truly love what they do and they want these children to succeed. These children absolutely love the teachers. During most sessions, the students find the teachers to be the most reinforcing thing in the room and it definitely shows in their sessions. Their energy and happiness fills each room with acceptance and love.
Even in large group sessions, teachers have amazing instructional control with the kids. They make learning fun for them and after every observation, they are eager to receive feedback about their performance. The teachers want to do everything they can to get the most out of the kids. Previous SkillCorps teams have focused on increasing reinforcement within sessions and it definitely shows in all the sessions I have observed.
They have transformed the feedback they were given into progress. Although they are still learning how to differentially reinforce behaviors/responses, the students very obviously know which behaviors/responses are correct because they produce the most fun! It is great to see these teachers taking the trainings and applying it to the sessions.
These teachers work from 8am-5:30pm (sometimes longer) and they continually keep their energy level at a 10! We are all in this field for a reason, and seeing the love these teachers have for what they are doing is a great reminder for me. Sometimes the day-to-day work is difficult, but these teachers remind me that each minute with these kids is magical. Fully immersing yourself in each minute with the kid is what keeps you going.