By Shelbie Nyman, a member of the SkillCorps Indonesia February 2018 team

Over the last couple weeks in Indonesia our team has been through several adventures. Several experiences have been life changing, some have tested my patience more than any other, some have brought me to tears, and even more have resulted in an ab workout from laughing way too hard. On this trip our team has missed flights, flights have changed airports, sat in hours of traffic, and walked across busy streets using the Indonesian signal to slow down (put one hand out to initiate your chicken with the zooming moped and then flap your hand palm facing down to remind the driver if they don’t start slowing down there will be trouble). I have never been pushed out of my comfort zone more and I have never been more grateful for an experience. There have been several catchphrases that have been established on this trip: “We’ll tell you later” – the flight attendant’s response to how long our flight will be delayed. “Kill it dead” – in reference to the pestering mosquito. “That is AMAZING” – response to any great story or really any story. My favorite catchphrase or motto perfectly sums up our team and trip – “The perfect storm.” It seems like every challenge has been a perfect storm of events that come together to create an experience that tests our team to the limits. We typically call out “perfect storm” when something starts to go down hill or everyone has reached their maximum patience level, but I think I would like to call it out one more time with a different twist. This team is a pretty remarkable perfect storm! Every single team member has actively supported and enriched each other. Every single team member has broken every comfort zone barrier they had. Every single team member has taken advantage of this incredible opportunity to grow sustainable change in Indonesia, to grow their own personal strengths, and every team member has actively reviewed and set new professional goals. I know that there is no way that I could have done this trip without the incredible support of these successful and hilarious women. I am so grateful for our perfect storm!