By: Lindsey Martin

The second week has been more inspiring then the last. I have learned the true meaning of cultural humility. We learned about this concept during orientation and I remember not thinking to much of the idea as I sat there listening to the presentation. However, being here I can see the value of understanding this notion. 

We have been working closely now for several days with the people here at the center. It took us all a few days to warm up to each other, but I feel like through all of us asking each other questions and listening to each others stories we have become friends. Today is actually my birthday and a few minutes after we arrived at the center, the staff walked out and surprised me with a cake and singing in their both our traditional song and theirs. I felt honored to be here and be celebrating with them. 

This experience is truly one of the most meaningful of my entire life. It seriously rates right up there with the day I married my husband and the day I had my daughter.