By: Megan Pakeltis

I first discovered Global Autism Project 3 years ago and knew right away this was something I had to be a part of. From that moment, I endlessly talked about how I couldn’t wait to volunteer with SkillCorps, but I first needed to finish grad school and gain more experience in the field. At the first day of Orientation in Brooklyn, Molly asked the group if we had ever told ourselves we needed to do something before we could do something else. “That’s a lie”, she said. Plain and simple. “Wow” I thought, “she’s totally right”. Why did I think I needed to work in the field of behavior analysis for years and finish my master’s degree before joining SkillsCorps? These weren’t prerequisites, but excuses I gave myself. This idea of “why wait?” has been an epiphany for me on this trip. My long-standing goal has been to work with children with special needs around the world. I’ve tried laying out plans for what I need to do beforehand and when I can make my dreams a reality. Turns out the only thing that has been holding me back is myself and the answer for when is now.