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I love [the Global Autism Project’s] philosophy on sustainability… In Indonesia, I think it’s so important for parents and educators/therapists to be informed about what IS ABA and what it is NOT. I like how we didn’t go over, work with the kids, and just leave – but we gave them tools to continue to provide great ABA services to children. I found it fascinating to learn more about the available resources, ways of thinking there. My goal was to gain a new perspective on life in general, and that was definitely accomplished by visiting Indonesia. This trip has already taught me so much about different cultures, social norms, religions, and ways of living that are much different from my own – and I am LOVING every minute of it! I am challenging myself both personally and professionally in ways I didn’t know were possible…and it’s a truly liberating experience.

Amy M.

SkillCorps Indonesia 2015

Very bold. To be going to other countries, establishing partnerships, maintaining communication, ensuring some form of sustainability in the services provided in other countries; kudos. I think [Global Autism Project] is doing a tremendous service.


SkillCorps Kenya 2014

I would tell someone considering travel that it will be an experience of a lifetime and that you have to take the risk in order to truly understand that magic that happens while traveling with SkillCorps. From the trainings to the excursion, every moment is priceless. I can just share with them my experience and how it renewed my passion as a behavior analyst.


SkillCorps Indonesia 2015

Travel the world and help those in need sounded like a dream come true for me. My SkillCorps experience was just that! I was able to travel, truly experience another culture hands on, and help individuals in need who, without partnering with Global Autism Project, wouldn’t have been able to receive any type of assistance. I learned so much about acceptance, sustainability, and modes of teaching. I was surrounded by like-minded professionals, and I grew professionally in ways I didn’t know I could. I can’t wait to do it again!


SkillCorps India 2016

For me, this experience was all about acknowledging how much I still have to learn when it comes to helping and supporting others. I would recommend SkillCorps to anyone who wants to broaden their worldview, develop new skills, share their passion and excitement for the field, and generally have an amazing, life-changing experience. Equal parts challenging and fun, my trip to Indonesia was something that will stay with me forever.


SkillCorps Indonesia 2017

The impact that the Global Autism Project has made really set in for me when I was in Kenya and strangers stopped us in the grocery store to tell us of someone they knew who had autism and how their families hod no idea how to find services for them. 
I’ve been able to travel to different partner sites and really watch the impact unfold in the most positive of ways. I’ve been able to help the partners gain confidence and watch them grow as clinicians. I’ve been able to work with teachers who are willing to learn. and I’ve been able to work with students who are thriving because they now have the resources available to help them learn. 

SkillCorps Kenya and Indonesia 2016, SkillCorps India 2017

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