Their Stories

“I learned that no matter how well travelled you are, SkillCorps is an extraordinary experience. SkillCorps is nothing like any of my travels. It pushed me out of my comfort zone and I found out what I am really made of. I created the most positive habits during my time in SkillCorps which I am still practicing until now.”


SkillCorps Indonesia 2017

“I feel extremely blessed to be able to take this adventure with a group of dedicated, passionate individuals who mirror many of the same interests and values as mine. It is always exciting to find an immediate connection with a stranger, and I am lucky to have met six all at once!”


SkillCorps Nicaragua 2017

“I feel [this experience] helped reiterate the fact that we all have strengths and areas of improvement, but coming together to work and learn with one another is the only way we can truly reach our highest potential as clinicians and people.”


SkillCorps Dominican Republic 2017

“Kaizora has altered my life, inspired me, given me new ideas, and in only nine days, has changed how I feel about our services in America. There is so much to learn about the way other parts of the world do things and so much room for growth.”


SkillCorps Kenya 2017

“Working with Sangeeta, vice principal, has been a wonderful experience. Her passion for autism awareness and acceptance is visible in all that she does. From working with the teachers and students at SOREM to working with her son at home, her positivity and ambitious nature shine through. She has truly been an inspiration to me and the members of my team.”


SkillCorps India 2017

The impact that the Global Autism Project has made really set in for me when I was in Kenya and strangers stopped us in the grocery store to tell us of someone they knew who had autism and how their families hod no idea how to find services for them. 
I’ve been able to travel to different partner sites and really watch the impact unfold in the most positive of ways. I’ve been able to help the partners gain confidence and watch them grow as clinicians. I’ve been able to work with teachers who are willing to learn. and I’ve been able to work with students who are thriving because they now have the resources available to help them learn. 

SkillCorps Kenya and Indonesia 2016, SkillCorps India 2017