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I love [the Global Autism Project’s] philosophy on sustainability… In Indonesia, I think it’s so important for parents and educators/therapists to be informed about what IS ABA and what it is NOT. I like how we didn’t go over, work with the kids, and just leave – but we gave them tools to continue to provide great ABA services to children. I found it fascinating to learn more about the available resources, ways of thinking there. My goal was to gain a new perspective on life in general, and that was definitely accomplished by visiting Indonesia. This trip has already taught me so much about different cultures, social norms, religions, and ways of living that are much different from my own – and I am LOVING every minute of it! I am challenging myself both personally and professionally in ways I didn’t know were possible…and it’s a truly liberating experience.

Amy M.

SkillCorps Indonesia 2015

Very bold. To be going to other countries, establishing partnerships, maintaining communication, ensuring some form of sustainability in the services provided in other countries; kudos. I think [Global Autism Project] is doing a tremendous service.


SkillCorps Kenya 2014

I would tell someone considering travel that it will be an experience of a lifetime and that you have to take the risk in order to truly understand that magic that happens while traveling with SkillCorps. From the trainings to the excursion, every moment is priceless. I can just share with them my experience and how it renewed my passion as a behavior analyst.


SkillCorps Indonesia 2015

Engaging with such a passionate group of professionals and being able to watch the staff learn from, engage with, and apply our feedback and workshop material. The staff were so invested in what we were discussing with them and had really intelligent and important questions. It was so exciting to watch them put concepts together and apply them in our workshop activities and in their daily teaching.


SkillCorps Peru 2014

This has been one of the most unique challenges of my ten year career. I am used to being challenged by a non compliant child or frustrated parents in my day to day job in America. The new challenge of a language barrier and lack of resources reminded me why I love to teach. Global Autism Project and the staff in Indonesia renewed my passion and determination to teach those who need it most. SkillCorps has given me a new appreciation for patience, simplicity and love. It has continue to make me feel empathy for those who cannot speak or understand what people are trying to tell them. We will leave here knowing that the staff still continue to love and teach the children who attend their centers. I am so lucky to have traveled with Global Autism Project and look forward to more trips in the future.


SkillCorps Indonesia 2014 & Dominican Republic 2015

My passion station is in the Early Intervention room at SOREM, and sitting crossed leg on the colorful rugs in the center in Jakarta. The magic happens when I meet therapists who have traveled two days on a train to learn about the functions of behavior.


SkillCorps India & Indonesia 2014