By Caroline Toto, a member of the SkillCorps Indonesia July 2016 team

If I had to summarize today into one word it would absolutely be “productive”. As we ended our day in the center andIMG_0502 went around the circle sharing our Plus-Deltas for the day, it seems as though this was a common theme among all of our team! I am amazed by the valuable knowledge and experience that everyone brings to the table. Today we had the opportunity to get more comfortable with each other, discuss key components to our clinical work, make amazing progress and enjoy lot of snacks and Indonesian food (yum!)… What could be better?

We were able to kind of take a step back and listen to the wonderful ladies of the Hi-5 Center. These ladies know their stuff! It was great listening to both Shinta and Rani (our Hi-5 partners) share their presentations on reinforcement and parent training. We were able to provide feedback and discuss the (many) challenges that come with parent training and other things such as marketing and bringing in new clients. I was personally challenged to think outside the box, as I do not think about marketing or the business side of things often.

I love that we are all able to learn from each other’s experiences and come together as a team and problem solve. I look forward to spending the next week with our partners at the Hi-5 Center and continuing to build upon the progress that we have already made!

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