By Crystal Thompson, a leader of the SkillCorps Indonesia Feb. 2017 team

Today I was able to find some time to sit down with Hotik and briefly talk about her new position as Clinical Director.  She works at Rumah Tiara in Indonesia, which was formerly known as Hi-5.  Rumah Tiara is run by Rani and Hotik; and with their wonderful staff, they have a great deal to offer the autism community in Indonesia.   

During our conversation, Hotik said it was hard being the clinical director, but she is very knowledgeable about ABA.  Although she knows so much about ABA, it has been very helpful have SkillCorps at the center to help these past 2 weeks.  She explained that her current challenges included how to hire educators, what is the first thing to train a new educator, what skills determine a junior educator and a senior educator, etc. In spite of the challenges, Hotik says she loves being at the center with the kids and the challenges do not make her stressed.  “Why do they not stress you out?”, I asked.  She says, “This is my passion, so I must do”.  In the future, Hotik hopes to gain more confidence and knowledge.  She wants to prioritize better knowing what needs to be done first, as so many tasks are important.  She also hopes to make the educators more independent and offer support to the educators.

Rumah Tiara has such a bright future!!  I am so excited to be leading the SkillCorps Indonesia February 2017 team and have the opportunity to watch their transformation.



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