The list you’ve all been waiting for– from the seasoned international travelers at the Global Autism Project, here are our top ten must do international travelhacks.

10. Make Copies of Everything. Save yourself from a dozen pitfalls of international travel by carrying copies of all your travel documents on your person. This should include your travel insurance, visa, passport, itinerary, packing list (in case anything gets lost of stolen– for insurance), important phone numbers, and other forms of ID. Not just for safety reasons either– many international countries will ask for your passport to secure reservations. If you’ve got copies of it, you can just peel one off and give it to them, rather than handing over the real thing.

9. Dryer Sheets are Your Friend. Little known fact about dryer sheets– they’re a multipurpose must-have for traveling. Intersperse them in your suitcase to keep clothes smelling fresh, and put one in a sealed ziploc with one clean shirt– when you’re exhausted and dirty from traveling, you’ll have a clean shirt to wear on the trip home. Rub them on anything for that clean, fresh clothes experience. And bonus– they’re a DEET-free bug repellent. Rub them on your skin to repel mosquitoes.

8. Always Carry Whatever You Need for the Restroom (Except the Toilet.) You never know where you’re going to be or what the condition of the restrooms might be– even in hotels, city centers, or restaurants. Restrooms are different all over the world, so don’t be caught empty-handed. Bring travel toilet paper, wipes or hand-sanitizer, and even travel toilet-seat covers if that floats your boat. It will save you a lot of stress and awkwardness in the moment!

7. Get a Paper Map Before You Go. A seemingly obvious one, but gets to a deeper level of preparation. Don’t assume that your iPhone will work/you will be able to get it in country/taxi drivers will know where you need to go. Hopefully, one or more of these things will happen, but sometimes they don’t. Especially in developing countries– things change at an astronomical rate, and in a large city like Delhi or Jakarta, the taxi drivers will not know every hotel and restaurant. Maps in country are often scarce or not to scale– best to get an accurate street map before you leave home, if you can.

6. Showerhacks. Not having a shower or the kind of shower you are used to is one of the quickest ways to get grumpy and discombobulated. Don’t assume showers will be readily available or they’ll be the kind you expect. Plan for lack of hot water/low water pressure/bucket showers. If these things don’t happen, you’ll be pleasantly surprised, but if they do, you’ll be prepared. Bring enough wet wipes for a full-body clean in a pinch, use a ziploc as a container to pour water on yourself in the event of no water pressure, and bring dry shampoo/body spray etc.

Check back next Monday for the top 5 international travelhacks!!

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