By Aidan Dunn – Intern at the Global Autism Project

Today I thought I’d talk about how I became a volunteer at the Global Autism Project. In my previous blog post I’ve talked about working here but never really about how I got here. Maybe my story is parallel to how some of my coworkers started working here, or maybe it isn’t. Either way, I hope it gives some context as to how someone can wind up working at a place like this.

It all started with my graduation from college. I left school with a desire to work in politics but no real idea of how to get into a related job or any job for that matter. One of the biggest troubles in our day and age is just how much work experience one needs before they can get a job and finding a job gets even harder when you’re on the Autism spectrum. I’ve always considered myself a practical person so I figured any job I could get would do to start my career. Jobs don’t fall out of the sky though, so at first I started looking into grad school. After studying for the GREs for a bit, my mother happened to walk by the Global Autism Project HQ on her way home from work. As an educator and mother of a child with Autism (me), my mother stopped by and struck up a conversation and the rest they say, is history. After a week or so since my mother’s conversation, I went down to GAP to see if they could help me get a job. At first, I was just going in to see if they could place me at a job site, but after the interview they asked if I wanted to join the team. Needing job experience (and sick of spending my days doing nothing at home) I joined the Global Autism Project as an intern for a three month trial period. It is now just over the halfway point of the aforementioned three month trial period and I’m still enjoying my work and angling for a job. I feel like I am productive in a way I haven’t been in a very long time and I truly enjoy working here with the people in the office. It’s a good life, and I look forward to the future.

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